The Southern African Communications Industries Association (SACIA) is a not-for-profit organisation that specifically promotes the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices in the broadcast, communications, live events and pro-AV industries throughout Southern Africa. It fosters excellence through education, training and development, the exchange of ideas, techniques and technologies, and provides guidance on all relevant legal and other regulatory developments,  including industry research and intelligence services

SACIA Membership

SACIA is a member-driven organisation. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members, with an Executive Director and support staff appointed to manage the activities of the association.

SACIA members participate in seven Special Interest Groups aligned with distinct  industry sectors:

  • The Broadcast Industry Group focuses on promoting the adoption of professional standards by the broadcast industry throughout Southern Africa.
  • The ProAV Forum promotes the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices in the audio-visual sector, with a specific focus on non-broadcast applications (including government, education, corporate, entertainment, industrial, etc.)
  • The Technical Production & Services Association is the special interest group that caters for the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices in the staging and live events community.
  • The Event Safety Council concentrates on safety and security for the live events industry.
  • The Education Council concentrates on individuals and companies involved with  training and development in the communications sector.
  • The Content Creation Council does likewise for individuals and companies involved in producing content for the film, television and multimedia sector.
  • The Student Council focuses on young professionals across the communications industry and tertiary institutions offering graduate training programmes in the communications arena.

What does SACIA do?

SACIA offers professional designations (Associate, Practitioner and Professional) through its Professional Recognition Framework. Each designation is defined by specific criteria and members are encouraged to maintain the standard of the designation through on-going professional development.

SACIA furthers the interests of members through partnerships and representation, as well as through:

  • Professional bodies: SACIA is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body, and awards professional designations based on assessments that evaluate individual education, work experience, and work ethic.
  • Affiliations: SACIA maintains professional relationships with several local and international Associations, thereby expanding its influence throughout the region. 
  • Training: SACIA offers several professional development courses covering a wide range of topics applicable to all levels within the industry. SACIA runs continuing professional development (CPD) training courses that provide the education credits used to maintain professional designations.
  • Networking: Through regular breakfast meetings, SACIA facilitates networking between vendors and clients, and encourages the sharing of knowledge between members.
  • Insurance: SACIA launched a Crew Cover insurance programme, specifically catering for freelance crews working in the theatre and entertainment industry. It is an extension of an insurance programme created by Precision Insurance in the UK for members of the Production Services Association. The package is available only to SACIA members (www.crewcover.co.za)

SACIA Youth Development

The development of the SACIA Student Council is vital to the future of SACIA as a professional body. SACIA is dedicated to creating more opportunities for students to participate in work-integrated learning opportunities and apprenticeships, as well as encouraging SACIA members to mentor students and student groups.

The first day of the COMMTREND 2019 conference will be dedicated to youth development.

SACIA Affiliations

SACIA  cooperates with organisations in the communications industry to develop and register qualifications and professional designations relevant to their specific industry sector. The following bodies are affiliated to SACIA: